Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to Calypso!

Welcome to Calypso Studios' new blog! Follow this site to get the most up to date information about Calypso products and events.

For those of you who are new to Calypso, check out our website ( to view our fashionable jewelry, gifts, and accessories. As an introduction, I have profiled a few of our most popular products below:

It's A Wrap Bracelets: Originally made with colored glass beads, our wrap bracelet collection has expanded to include metallic, gold nugget, clay, and coco beads. Each bracelet's beads are hand strung on natural thread. Dozens of styles and colors add a trendy touch to any outfit. Wear one or wrap yourself in several to show off your style!

Comforting Clay Collections: Our Comforting Clay Crosses and Hearts have been providing women, men, and children of all ages the comfort they seek during hard times on life's journey. Each cross is hand crafted to provide a unique grip as you cradle the piece. Give our Clay Crosses and Hearts as a gift of hope and encouragement or keep them for yourself to remind you of your faith and loved ones. We recently added pocket-sized crosses and hearts, as well as clay heart and cross necklaces, bookmarks, and key clips.

S.H.O.P Totes: Start Helping Our Planet- the inspiration and extended version of the acronym "S.H.O.P". In our increasingly environmentally conscious world, we need to start reusing our bags, and Calypso's SHOP Totes provide a fashionable, convenient, and affordable way to do so. Each set of three totes comes in a wristlet-sized carrying case, making them as portable as they are durable. Check out the designs created by various artists!

Thanks for checking out Calypso's blog, and come back soon to read more about our products, events, and promotions!

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