Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Product Promotions



Throughout the remainder of the year, our team will be selecting product collections to promote and discount each month!

For September, we have discounted the following categories:
  • Bendi-Bandz Wire Headbands (Everyday Collection)
  • Glitz Bendi-Bandz Wire Headbands
  • Wire Wall Crosses
  • Stamped Hand-Held Comforting Clay Crosses
 Visit our retail or wholesale site for sale prices!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Inaugural Product of the Week

Happy Friday Calypso fans!

Today I want to share our first-ever "Product of the Week", which just happens to be on sale at www.calypsostudiosinc.com!

I started this Blog when I began working for Calypso Studios one year ago. As I focused on improving our company's social media presence, I felt as though a Blog could be a fantastic way to keep in touch with fans of our accessories.

As I head into my second year here at this amazing company, I made myself a vow to blog more regularly. 

In this spirit, I am introducing our "Product of the Week" feature (hopefully the first of many more fun posts and features). For our inaugural "Product of the Week", I've chosen my personal favorite accessory:

PS To celebrate our first "Product of the Week", all Bendi-Bandz wire headbands are discounted $2 on www.calypsostudiosinc.com! 

Bendi-Bandz feature a thin inner wire that allows you to easily shape the accessory into a headband, hair tie, bow, and more! They are adjustable, so they can fit everyone (seriously!), and they don't create that same "headache" that a lot of plastic headbands cause.

Check out our YouTube videos here and here videos to learn more.

These are available in cotton and silky prints and also in sequin fabric. All of the Bendi-Bandz retail for $5.99-$7.99.

There are SO many different uses for the Bendi-Bandz (i.e. I am too short to reach the string that turns on the fan in my living room, so I have a Bendi-Band hanging around the string to make it longer- now I don't have to drag a chair over to the fan every time I want to turn it on!). So get yours today and bend it your way!

PS To celebrate our first "Product of the Week", all Bendi-Bandz wire headbands are discounted $2 on www.calypsostudiosinc.com!