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Our most popular collections include:

Color Me Comforting Clay Crosses & More:
Calypso Studios is excited to introduce our new Color Me Comforting Clay Collection. Each piece is made as a blank canvas for the holder to create a work of art as brilliant as their faith or as unique to them! Adult Coloring is HOT right now! We have combined that with our trademark Comforting Clay Crosses and More to bring you one of our favorite collections!

Comforting Faith Pillow:
Who doesn't love a good pillow? Calypso Studios is proud to introduce our new Comforting Faith Pillow! This is a great gift item of encouragement to anyone going through a tough time! Holding this pillow close will bring you peace, comfort, & joy through all of life's journeys! Available in three colors: blue, pink & purple.

Cork Collection:
Calypso Studios is proud to introduce our new Cork Collection. Cheers! Cork is the new leather.  Accessories are available in nine new items.  This all natural and renewable fabric adds a casual elegance to your accessories. Its light-weight, water-resistant, and very durable.  Our bags are fully lined with zippered enclosures and come in a variety of styles and shapes.  

Wire Wrapped Bangles-
Calypso Studios is proud to introduce our new Wire Wrapped Bangle Collections.  We have over ten collections to choose from!  Each come in two different sizes - 2.5” -2.7”. Gemstone, Sparkling Stone, Chunky Stone and Art Stone Styles! 

Quatrefoil Bag Collection- 
Seen in new fashion trends and Home Decor. Quatrefoil is the "It" new pattern.  Comes in four different colors perfect for spring.  Light weight and comes in seven different items.

Comforting Clay and Inspirational Gifts-
The collection began with our Hand Held Comforting Clay Crosses. Each of these clay pieces is hand crafted to provide a unique grip, bringing comfort as you cradle the piece. The collection has since expanded to include crosses, hearts, and several animal icons in pocket styles, clips, and bookmarks.

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