Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Comforting Beyond Belief!

Have you had a time in your life when you needed support and comfort? Did someone or something help you through that time? We have heard that our Comforting Clay Cross is just the thing for a rough time in your life. It's handmade and squeezed by an actual artist, making an impression of a hand in the cross making it fit like a glove! It comes in a variety of styles and is a great gift for anyone. Check out our website to see which one you love the most!

-Calypso Studios Inc.


Monday, March 31, 2014

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! Free Comforting Clay Hand-Held Cross

Hey everyone!
   We want to thank you for our constant support of Calypso Studios. In honor of that we have a WEEKLY GIVEAWAY on Facebook taking place. It's easy and you could be the winner of two comforting clay crosses(one to give away of course!). What you do is go to our facebook page, I will link it at the bottom. Like, Share and tag a friend in the comment box. The winner will receive 2 free crosses of their choice. One is for the winner and the other is for the friend you tagged! It's easy, fun and you and your friend could walk away with one of our top selling items!

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Can't wait to see who wins!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stay Updated with Our Social Media!

Hey Everyone!
    Thanks for taking the time to come to our blog. We wanted to let you know that we will be doing a lot of special giveaways and contests on our social media accounts. In order for you to be eligible you want to go ahead and like and follow us on all our social media. Stay tuned every week for our contests! All of the contest and giveaways are SUPER easy...sometimes you just have to leave a comment and we will gift you a Calypso Studios Inc. product.

Hope to see all of you participating in our Social Media giveaways!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Best Selling- Comforting Clay Cross



We have to say that these crosses are not just our Best-Selling Item here at Calypso Studios...but they are our personal favorites. If you don't know about these crosses then you are truly missing out. These are our Comforting Clay Crosses and they come in a variety of patterns and styles. The crosses featured above are called our Hand-Held Cross. You can gift these to your friends and family. The great part about our Comforting Crosses are that they do what they say they will...they are amazingly comforting. At first, I thought it was silly to hold a cross and rub it in order to feel relieved from anxiety or stress but it really works!! You feel a sense of relief. It really is amazing!

This cross is special. First, it is made from clay (which is cool as it is) but when it is made someone will literally squeeze the clay and make an impression of their right hand in the clay. This makes it extremely easy to hold and more comfortable all around! Sometimes, I literally forget that it's in my hand!!We have multiple patterns to choose from. Take a look at the picture above... Calypso creates a pattern and someone hand makes each design from clay! Talk about putting a lot of love into these crosses.

Again, I can't say enough about these. We hear from everyone that these are great and how inspirational they can be in someones life!

What do you think? Leave a comment below about how you like these comforting clay crosses :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Get Inspired with The Comforting Clay Cross Collection by Calypso Studios Inc!

We've all been in that situation where someone we love loses a family member. What do you say? What do you do? How do you ease their pain? You probably went to the store and bought a sympathy card and some flowers, and there's nothing wrong with that. But what if you could give them something that says "I really care about you and I am going to do everything in my power to get you through this"? If that's what you want you've come to the right place.

The Comforting Clay Cross Collection from Calypso Studios Inc. was designed specifically for helping you and your loved ones through life's journey. The Hand Held Comforting Clay Crosses are handcrafted by individual artists in our craft shop using the millefiori clay caning process. Multiple layers of all natural clay are used to create this reassuring keepsake. Each individual clay cross is hand pressed by the artist to provide our unique grip, bringing you and your loved ones comfort as you cradle it. In other words, the clay is just soft enough to mold to your hand when you grip it, bringing comfort and inspiration and allowing you to let in God's presence. If you have never held a Comforting Clay Cross before, you really need to experience the comfort you get from cradling one of them.

These Comforting Clay Crosses are not just great gifts for the loss of loved ones, but for baptisms, graduations, weddings, childbirth, or in any time where someone might need encouragement and inspiration. Here at Calypso Studios Inc we have many different styles and patterns of Comforting Clay Crosses. The most recent patterns that have been released are the Garden Cross (shown to the right), the Marble Cross (shown above), and the Purple Chevron Cross (shown below). Each of these crosses comes in a Hand Held, a Pocket-Sized, a Bookmark, and a Cross Clip.

Monday, February 24, 2014

It's All About Hip Huggers

Hey Ladies! Ever have one of those days where you have too many things to carry, but you just can't stand the weight of your purse? Well here at Calypso Studios Inc. we have the perfect solution for you! We call it 'The Hip Hugger', and although it may resemble the "fanny pack", the Hip Hugger has it's own unique style and energy going on. Here at Calypso Studios, we have combined the convenience of the fanny pack with today's fashion and trends to create the perfect bag for all of you 'on-the-go' girls. Our Hip Huggers come in a variety of different patterns and styles. Check out the photos below to choose your favorite style!

The photo above displays our model showing off her stylish Navy Striped Hip Hugger complete with a faux leather strap and a magnetic clasp fastener. ($14.99)
The Sante Fe Hip Hugger (shown on the right) is a hot bag for a hot day at the beach or anywhere else that you'll need to keep your arms free to stay comfortable and enjoy yourself! ($14.99)  
 The Red Stripe Hip Hugger (shown below) is a hot ticket for Spring and Summer! Get nautical with this sassy bag and be sure that your stuff doesn't fall overboard!   ($14.99)                                                         

Finally, one of our hottest-trending Boutique Bag Hip Huggers here at Calypso Studios is the Tribal Hip Hugger (shown below). This exotic bag is the perfect fit for a summer concert or festival where the last thing you need is to worry about holding a purse. Dance the night away and enjoy your hands-free fun with this Tribal patterned Hip Hugger! $14.99
At Calypso Studios Inc. In addition to our NEW Boutique Bag Hip-Hugger Collection (shown above), we have added a stimulating variety of NEW Chevron Hip Huggers to our line of bags. 
The NEW Chevron Hip-Huggers are a stylish and colorful way to show your true character as well as carry your stuff! These bags feature a woven Chevron-patterned fabric with a top zip enclosure. The bags string around the waist with a webbing tie belt and a parachute-clip closure. Our Chevron Hip Huggers come in five different patterns including Multi-Colored, Black, Purple, Blue, and Teal (shown below). Chevron Hip Huggers are $9.99 each.
Want your own Hip-Hugger? Visit The Calypso Studios Website to find details on where to shop for and purchase these trending items! Also check out our Facebook and our Twitter for the latest news on whats been going on at Calypso Studios!

Friday, January 24, 2014

New 2014 Collection!

                We are so excited to introduce to you our new collections for 2014!

Here at Calypso Studios Inc. we are bringing in the New Year in style with our New Boutique Collection! Keep your arms and shoulders free this season with our NEW fun and stylish Hip Huggers!!! Great for any season and any outfit.


Our Boutique Collection Bags are made from fabric with leather accents, and come in four exciting new patterns including our Tribal, Santa Fe, Red Striped and Navy Striped. You can get any of these fun and versatile bags as a Duffel, a Hip Hugger, or a Sling Purse! Or go back to school in style with a Tribal or Santa Fe Backpack! Check out all of these these NEW patterns on the Calypso Studios Inc. Website!

Our NEW Chevron bags are all the rage this season! Show everyone your true colors with the Multi-Colored Chevron Tote, Sling, Hip Hugger, Wristlet, or I.D. Wallet Keychain. Don't forget to grab the matching handcrafted Chevron adjustable friendship bracelet and necklace!


These convenient and light-weight Chevron Bags are great for travel! They come in six different patterns including Purple, Green, Blue, Teal, Black, and MULTI-COLOR (Shown Above) Shop Chevron at our Website!

Don't forget to check out our NEW Chain Mail Collection. This assortment of beautiful and versatile jewelry is perfect for school, work, a party, or even a hot date!


The Chain Mail Collection is available in Silver, Gold and Black. Mix and match your metals with one of each! Check out the entire collection on Our Website!

The Comforting Clay Cross Collection includes our most popular items! We have added three new and exciting styles to the collection (shown below!). You can find these new patterns on our Comforting Clay Cross pocket crosses, bookmarks, magnets, clips, or bracelets!


 These inspirational items are handcrafted by individual artists in our craft shop using multiple layers of all natual clay. Each cross is hand pressed by the artist to provide our unique grip.

The Comforting Clay Crosses provde reassurance as you journey through life. They are a great gift for baptisms, weddings, birth of a child, loss of a loved one, or simply for times of hope and encouragement! Check out the whole Comforting Clay Cross Collection online now!

If you're a retailer and you want more information on our products, Click Here to visit our wholesale website!