Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Press Release! Introducing our new 2017 Spring Merchandise

Calypso Studios Inc. is excited to launch into an agreement with Caroline Simas to introduce Comforting Clay Cross ™ Collection from her Multiple Blessings Series.

Clay Crosses

The new Caroline Simas cross collection includes three styles of cross, each available in four different sizes. Our handheld size is designed to fit in your palm, with each one being hand squeezed by the artisans who make it, so that each cross contours to the hand as it is held.  The patterns are green, blue, and pink; sizes and prices are listed below.

Faith Pillows 
Calypso Studios Inc. is also proud to be introducing Caroline Simas' Multiple Blessings designs in our Comforting Faith Pillow collection Each pillow features a Caroline Simas design that was exclusively designed for Calypso Studios.

Launch Date: 10-24-16
Ship Date: 02-01-17

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We are honored to be recognized by Gift and Dec!

It feels even more great to give back to those in need!

Thats what makes our Comforting Clay Crosses the perfect gift item for anyone going through a bumpy path!


Calypso Studios Gives Back

It feels great to give back! 

Thank you for recognizing Calypso Studios!

Relieve stress today with our Comforting Clay Cross Color Me Collection!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Richmond Times Dispatch recognizes Calypso Studios!

We are so pleased to be recognized by our favorite local paper! Please follow the link to learn a little more about Calypso Studios!
Posted: Sunday, September 18, 2016 10:30 pm

Calypso Studios receives orders for one of its comforting clay crosses every day.
“The crosses are the number one item in our line of about 500 items,” said Ed Lawrence, who founded the wholesale gift company in 2006 with his wife, Kathy. “We air freight 2,000 to 3,000 comforting clay crosses every six to eight weeks. We can’t keep them in stock.”

The Chesterfield County-based company began developing inspirational merchandise in 2011 after a large Christian retail chain asked them to consider starting such a line.
In addition to the crosses, Calypso Studios sells a wide variety of fashion, faith and impulse merchandise mostly to retail stores. Items include purses, fashion jewelry and cork laptop covers.
Its merchandise is sold at about 2,000 stores across the country, including boutiques, gift shops and pharmacies. It also sells the items on its website,
The company sells the merchandise throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
“We have 10 rep agencies across the United States,” Ed Lawrence said.
Calypso Studios’ revenue has increased 20 percent so far this year compared with the same time period last year.
Part of that increase comes from the sale of the comforting clay crosses.
The handheld comforting clay crosses boxed with a greeting card retail for $15 to $20.
Ed Lawrence traveled to China to develop a line of crosses people could hold. To make the crosses, artisans use a process called caning where they hand press layers of colored clay together. No paint is used in the process.
“You can feel the fingerprints of the artists in the crosses,” Kathy Lawrence said. “We were the first to come out with a cross in clay.”
Calypso Studios carries a variety of comforting clay crosses, from the large handheld version to smaller bookmark crosses. It recently introduced a color me line where consumers can color the pattern on the cross with permanent markers to create their own color scheme.
“We get feedback from retailers and consumers weekly,” Ed Lawrence said about the crosses. “They have touched people’s lives and given them comfort, faith, inspiration and joy.”
About a year ago, Calypso Studios started giving out crosses to people who had experienced a tragedy. It sent more than 200 comforting clay crosses to a Methodist church in Orlando after the nightclub shooting that killed 49 in June.
“The crosses were for families and first responders,” Kathy Lawrence said. “We also sent about 200 comforting clay crosses to flood victims in Louisiana.”
Annette Doucet of First Baptist Church of Port Allen at Gracepoint, La., appreciates the beauty and meaning of the crosses.
“They have been a blessing to a lot of people,” Doucet said. “A lot of people had lost everything, and they were so happy to have something to hold on to.”
Ann Rose of the High Cotton Uptown store in Forsyth, Ga., carries several items from Calypso Studios, including the comforting crosses.
“They have really been popular,” she said of the crosses. “Working with Calypso has been great. Ordering from them has been very easy.”
The Lawrences gained experience in the gift industry by working as manufacturer sales representatives. They bought the manufacturer rep agency they had worked with in Woodbridge when the owner retired in 1998 and subsequently changed the name to Lawrence Marketing Group.
“Our territory was the Mid-Atlantic from Pennsylvania to Virginia,” said Ed Lawrence, noting the company had 14 sales representatives. “We carried the leading lines of items such as house flags and Christmas ornaments.”
The couple were still running Lawrence Marketing Group when they started Calypso Studios.
“I had been coordinating projects for Walmart where the items were made in China, so I was going to China to discuss and develop products,” Ed Lawrence said. “I got comfortable with the factories over there as well as importing and developing products.”
The couple decided to utilize their skills in sales, marketing and product development to develop their own import company.
“We had been helping other companies sell their product as manufacturer’s reps, and we felt like we knew all sides of the industry,” Ed Lawrence said. “We felt that we needed to re-create ourselves.”
Calypso Studios has a fulfillment center in western Maryland that processes wholesale orders. It also has a stockroom at its sales and product development office at 530 Southlake Blvd. in Chesterfield.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Calypso Studios is ready to raise awareness!

Are you?

Pink Handheld Scripture Cross

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. (
Kaleidoscope Handheld Comforting Clay Cross

Calypso Studios wants to continue to raise awareness and funds in an effort to reduce this "way too" common disease! 

Calypso has put together some of our favorite pieces to help get you involved!

1. Kaleidoscope Collection 
Give the gift of comfort and support, at the same time as helping to spread the word. Crafted of 100% clay, each piece is hand squeezed by the artisan during the clay caning process for a unique handcrafted look and feel.  
Each handheld cross comes gift boxed with a blank greeting card included to write your personal message. 
Are Kaleidoscope Collection is perfect for the "tom boy" who typically strays away from pink.

2. Pink Scripture Collection
Again, Give the gift of comfort and support, at the same time as helping to spread the word. Crafted of 100% clay, each piece is hand squeezed by the artisan during the clay caning process for a unique handcrafted look and feel. 
Are Scripture Collection is as pink as it comes! Each Handheld Comforting Clay Cross comes complete with a gift box and a blank greeting card. Each greeting card is complete with a scripture verse on the cover providing an added touch to your gift!
A heart-warming inspirational gift! 

3. Pink Ribbon Whisper Bracelets
Not just a gift; these bracelets are a great way for anyone to show their support in raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer!
Trendy, Thoughtful and Inspirational!

4. Comforting Faith Pillow
Give a Gift of Encouragement this October with our brand new faith pillows! These are perfect for the woman in your life struggling at this time with Breast Cancer.

Who wouldn't want a cozy pillow to hold while stuck in a hospital?

Also, a gift of comfort to a friend/family who has lost a loved one due to Breast Cancer.
"Holding this pillow close will bring you peace, comfort & joy throughout all of life's journeys."

All of the products listed above are available for purchase at