Monday, May 1, 2017

Faith and Comfort Everyday!

For years now Calypso Studios has been supplying the market with Comforting Clay Crosses to fill the hands of people across the world.  Each Comfort Cross comes in three sizes; Handheld, Clip and pocket. The handhelds are each unique, hand squeezed by the artist to fit properly in your right hand. 

Working with some of our consumers directly, I have come to hear many touching stories of how people have benefitted from our Crosses. A family called one day to place an order for 22 crosses, one for each of the people in her life she cared for, she herself had held onto a cross all through her last few months in the hospital. The Crosses she ordered were to be left behind as a memento of her and the cross she had held for comfort and faith till the end. Stories like theirs support our goal of bringing comfort to all though faith. 

Our crosses fly off the shelves! With over 40 styles and designs to choose from it is easy to find one for the special person in your life or even for yourself. Our new Everyday designs include Tuscan and Olive wood. You can visit our website and view all of our cross patterns and styles today! 

We urge anyone who already has a Comfort cross, email us! We want to know what you think! We love to hear the stories from our customers or is there something we don't have you want to see? Tell us, we love it all.

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