Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Show your patriotic spirit with Calypso Studios this Memorial Day!

Can you believe that Memorial Day and the start of summer is almost here? Time flies! The next thing you know it'll be 4th of July!

So, to get you in the spirit of Memorial Day weekend and the following holidays, Calypso Studios has put together a patriotic collection. Show your pride for your country, and support the red, white and blue!

1. Patriotic Comforting Clay™ Crosses

Give the gift of comfort and support, and show your pride at the same time. Crafted of 100% clay, each piece is hand squeezed by the artisan during the clay caning process for a unique handcrafted look and feel. And the American flag inspired print will inspire true patriotism!

2. Patriotic Clay Jewelry

This American flag design will surely take your Memorial Day or 4th of July outfit to the next level. Wear all 3 pieces together or mix and match to give your outfit that extra boost of American pride.

3. Clay Heart Clip

Carry your love for your country with you wherever you go. This heart shaped, red, white and blue keychain can be clipped to your keys or purse to show your pride any time or anywhere.

4. Republican & Democratic Jewelry

It's hard to forget about the upcoming presidential election, so show your party's spirit with a gold bangle and silver necklace, each with the party's symbol! 

All of the products listed above are available for purchase at or by phone at (866) 897-9648.

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