Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bendi-Bandz Wire Headbands on YouTube

What are Bendi-Bandz?
  • A bendable wire runs from one end to the other of this 34" flexible headband and is sewn inside patterned fabric. Simply twist the headband into place, and it will hold all day without causing the same headache that many other headbands create. The thin inner wire keeps the shape and makes it adjustable for any head size. Pain free and fashion forward, Bendi Bandz can also be twisted into a bracelet, arm band, or neck tie. Shape it into a bow with ease, braid it into your hair, or use it as a secure hair tie. Each piece comes tagged with several pictured suggested ways to wear. Bend it your way!

How do you use a Bendi-Band?

  • Check out our YouTube video to learn more about the latest fashion accessory trend:

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